For as long as I can remember I have loved the beauty of nature and antiquity. Aging can have such a beautiful effect on it’s object- whether person or thing. The stories that years of living hold can have an unspeakable beauty of God’s precious grace. And the way that nature points to, sings praises to, and teaches me about my God has captivated me since a young age. Both of these, nature and antiquity, have been sought after in these paintings. I pray that in some way this painting will be a whisper of God’s grace into your life.  
We are a family that has been changed by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We have been adopted into the family of God and seek to know deeper the heart of God by adopting our fourth son or our first daughter from the country of Colombia. Every bit of the money from these paintings will go towards adoption. We seek God’s praise, God’s glory, His Redemption Story to be whispered, spoken, and shouted through every detail of our lives, including this adoption. We believe that adoption is the most precious thing we have received and therefore most precious to give. And because of the preciousness of our Rescuer, we seek to show His love to another child, our child, by the means of adoption. You, buying this piece of art, are such a sweet blessing to our family. With a heart full of joy and eyes looking to heaven, we say “Thank You.”
                                     The Rescued, 
                                          Emily Gossett
                                                  Ephesians 1

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